Jun 12 2015

Old Smokestack

smoke stack

2/5″ x 5.75″, gouache

I thought I would try my hand at using gouache again, a medium I hadn’t really used for years.

This tiny painting is of an old, overgrown smokestack as seen from a patio at Queen Street East and Sherbourne in Toronto, Ontario.

Jan 1 2015

Big Orange Spool

big orange spool

8″ x 5″, pen and watercolour

I saw this big orange spool this past fall in my neighbourhood.  I didn’t realize just how big the spool was until I noticed the orange pylons sitting on the nearby park bench.  The big orange spool of tubing was for use in the infrastructure upgrade on the street where I live.

Happy 2015!  This was my first post of the new year.  Wishing all five (5) of my regular followers all the best ;)

Oct 23 2014

Taste of Spain - Can of Olives

Taste of Spain Can of Olives

brush pen, watercolour, 8″ x 5 “

This striking can of Spanish olives was purchased in Orleans, Ontario (a suburb or Ottawa) at an organic food store named, Farm Boy.  I love olives, but thought that the olives in this can tasted funny: oddly, over-umami-tasting.  The taste was hard to wash afterwards, too.  At least the can looked great!  Wishing there were Farm Boy stores in Toronto (insert sad face here).

Oct 16 2014

No Name Social Tea Biscuit

tea biscuit

pen and watercolour, 6″ x 6″

There’s just something about the mild taste of tea biscuits that goes so well with tea.

Jun 29 2014

At the Theatre

At the Theatre

7″x9″, pen and watercolour

This is my watercolour version of  artist Paul Citroen’s 1929 photograph titled “At the Theatre.”  I came across an image of it online and was compelled to find out more about it.

Paul Citroen was a German-born, Dutch artist, who was once part of the Bauhaus faculty.