Oct 16 2014

No Name Social Tea Biscuit

tea biscuit

pen and watercolour, 6″ x 6″

There’s just something about the mild taste of tea biscuits that goes so well with tea.

Jun 29 2014

At the Theatre

At the Theatre

7″x9″, pen and watercolour

This is my watercolour version of  artist Paul Citroen’s 1929 photograph titled “At the Theatre.”  I came across an image of it online and was compelled to find out more about it.

Paul Citroen was a German-born, Dutch artist, who was once part of the Bauhaus faculty.

Mar 31 2014

Cherry Beach Rock

cherry beach rock

pencil, watercolour, pen & ink, 5″ x 8″

I came across this “rock” while I was walking along Cherry Beach one summer.  It may have even been rubble from an old industrial building formerly located where I had been standing.  Or maybe it was part of an old dock?

Jan 30 2014



9″ x 12″, watercolour, pen & ink

This warehouse was spotted near Cherry Beach one summer many years ago.  I liked how the warehouse was so stark and linear and how the trees visually divided it.

Nov 30 2013

Package of Milk Crackers

milk crackers

pencil and watercolour, 6″ x 6″

An individually wrapped package of  store-brand, Asian supermarket, milk crackers.